Belt Promotions August 3rd 2013

Belt Promotions August 3rd 2013

Congratulations to our newest Black Belts!

  • Gavin Atkins
  • Terrence Atkins
  • Jason Cordero
  • Francis Dahl
  • David Gasparro
  • Sean Morrison

Congratulations to our newest Brown Belts!

  • Tony Hua
  • Derek Johnson

Congratulations to our newest Purple Belts!

  • Rosaldo “Zol” Abastillas
  • Eddie Aguilar
  • Eddie Cairns
  • Jimmy DeLaCruz
  • Tony Hedrick
  • Ty Lum
  • Dylan Moya
  • Rage Ng
  • Danny Totten

Congratulations to our newest Blue Belts!

All 3 Blue Belts were out of town on the day of the Promotion Ceremony. Those who haven’t been in to receive their new belts yet will be posted up here very soon…

Message to Students from your Coach Rick Williams:

“Congrats to all my students who were promoted today!!…u guys definitely earned it!!!..all of ur hard work finally paid off!!..some of u have been training with us for almost 20 yrs and finally received ur black belts!!..that’s true dedication and perseverance!!!..thank you guys!!”



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