Seminar with Rigan Machado March 17th, 2012



Learn Gi and No Gi techniques from one of the living legends in the sport of

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Master Rigan Machado! In this 2 hour seminar you’ll be

taught drills and techniques specifically designed for all Bob Bass belt levels.

Master Rigan won’t just teach you basic techniques that you can find on

YouTube, but movements and submissions that will guarantee to push

your game to the next level, help you flow from movement to movement

and lock those movements into your muscle memory by Rigan’s special

BJJ drilling device called “Quick Drills.”


               Seminar begins @ 11:00am                   Belt Promotions begin @ 1:00pm
ONLY $30 when you pay before  February 29th

Rigan Machado Seminar Flyer March 2012

Currently, this seminar is reserved for Bob Bass-South Bay Jiu Jitsu students only.

As a courtesy to Rigan’s 1st Black Belt, South Bay Jiu Jitsu students will be offered this

seminar at 1/2 price! Reserve your spot before March 1st and pay only $30. After March

1st the price goes up to $40. Space is very limited so please text or email Kelly to reserve

your spot today! All Bob Bass belt levels are invited to attend. All Bob Bass Black Belts

are welcome to attend for FREE! Please bring your Gi and rash guard.

If you’ve never taken a class or seminar with Master Rigan, you won’t want to miss this one!

Learn from the Coach who gave our Coach his Black Belt!



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