Joey Bass
Joey is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and a takedown specialist. Joey’s dynamic style of jiu jitsu is heavily influenced by his expertise in freestyle wrestling.
Michael Lee
Mike is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and a Kodokan Judo Black Belt. Mike is currently teaching and representing South Bay Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Montreal, QC.
eddiethumb Eddie Martinez
Eddie is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. Eddie is also the Head Coach of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at California State University Long Beach. In his spare time, Eddie fights crime for the Redondo Beach Police Department.
christhumbChris Torres
Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Judo Black Belt
  Sonny MichaelsSonny Michaels  Tae Kwon Do/Jeet Kune Do/Kickboxing/MMA Instructor: Sonny Michaels is a Professional MMA Fighter and Instructor. Sifu Sonny Michaels is a fully certified Instructor in Bruce Lee’s Art of “Jeet Kune Do.” Sonny is also a fully certified Instructor in Kali/Escrima (Stick & Knife Fighting) & Muay Thai, Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Black Sash in Gung Fu. More Info
Krystal   Krystal RidgewayBoot Camp Conditioning Instructor: Krystal Ridgeway is a fully certified personal trainer and nutrition counselor. She is a personal trainer out of Anytime Fitness and the Instructor of our Boot Camp Conditioning Classes. Krystal’s workouts have been featured multiple times in South Bay Magazines.

Chris Poznik


  Street Jiu Jitsu Instructor: Chris Poznik is a one of the first Americans to receive his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He currently holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Rigan Machado. This is a rare class in which Chris utilizes a situational approach which starts with a take-down and ends with a submission emphasizing effective techniques best used as defensive methods on the street. Chris Poznik will be out for the months of September and October. Please email for more information about class on Thursday night at 7pm.

Jason Miknuk

    Jason Miknuk

MMA Instructor: Jason Miknuk is a Professional MMA Fighter and Instructor. He started wrestling at the age of 5 and boxing at 16. Jason began training under Franco de Camargo in 2003 and later joined the South Bay Jiu Jitsu Family in 2005. His official professional mma record is 5-3 and an amateur fight record of 2-1. He currently holds a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Bob Bass and also trains over at our sister school with Sean “The Destroyer” Loeffler at The Compound in Oceanside, CA.

RobertRobert Bennett and Don Collier
Kids Class Instructor
donDon Collier
Kids Class Instructor

3 responses »

  1. Sam Kressin says:

    I’m doing some research on the History of Jiu-Jitsu in the United States I know Bob Bass won the Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships as a Black Belt in 1995. My question is what was his division? Light Weight Adult?

  2. Ty Dell says:

    Searching on some MMA studio sites and came across your studio. Awesome job! Looks like Joey is there too. What’s Chris up to? I’m living in Boston and teaching my daughters some self defense and jiu jitsu is the way to go. Hope your doing well. Say Hi to all your bro’s for me.
    Stay fit,

  3. Dahren Wayman says:

    I just wanted to thank Bob again. I was visiting a friend that trains at SBJJ and the two of us dropped in on an advanced. I probably should have tried to get in on the beginner class, but Bob was great and didn’t seem to mind. I live in a small town so my training has been pretty limited (I have no belt rank, but I’ve been training off and on for about a year and a half). I felt like I learned a lot in just the 90 minutes I was there. If I lived in the area this is definately the place I would be training at. All the instructors and students were great and freindly people. Anyone in the area should give SBJJ a try.

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