Remembering Sonny Michaels – We Miss you Sonny!

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Friends and family wishing to make donations in Sonny’s memory to assist expenses may do so by making a check payable to: Sonny Michaels Memorial Fund Address: c/o Dale Dullabaun, BSC Management 11300 W Olympic Blvd. Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90064 Donations may also be made online via PayPal. Those who have a PayPal account, or who may wish to open one, may send donations to the fund’s PayPal account, named: Your support is appreciated.

Remembering Sonny Michaels – We Miss you Sonny!

Remembering Sifu Sonny Michaels   wpid-storageemulated0PicturesSonny-Michaels2013-04-26-20.28.19.jpg.jpg

It is said with a very heavy heart and much sadness that on this Christmas Day, December 25, 2013, our friend, family, and Instructor has passed away. Sifu Stanley “Sonny” Michaels started teaching at South Bay Jiu Jitsu only a few years ago yet he quickly became a very special and important part of our South Bay Jiu Jitsu Family.  To say he will be missed by all is for certain, although, these words can’t seem to express how deep this loss is truly felt in all our hearts. Sonny was very passionate about making a difference in the lives of his students and it continues to show in each and every student he’s ever taught. He often took time out of his days and nights to work individually with many of our students. We will continue to see Sonny each and every day in each of his students and will be reminded of him and all he stood for. Our thoughts and prayers are with his Family, his wife Adriana, and his daughter Sofia. -Much Love, Bob Bass, Kelly, Zol, and The South Bay Jiu Jitsu Family


In Remembrance of Stanley “Sonny” Michaels Video Tribute from TFA shown on Friday, March 26, 2014   TFA Fights, Todd Meacham and Joey, present a TFA Heavy Weight Championship Title Belt to the wife and daughter (Adriana and Sofia) of Stanley “Sonny” Michaels – former TFA fighter and friend     Sonny V Pic


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  1. Steve Wichowski says:

    Hello my name is Steve I am Sonny`s oldest brother I would like thank all of you for great support that you have given to Adriana and Sofia. Thank you and bless you all . Presenting the girls with title belt will aways be a special moment . Again thank you!

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